• Travel to Argentina to play hockey!
    Argentina has a huge number of hockey teams for any level. Take a look at the tours that other clubs have done with us and join us! Take a look at these previous hockey tours...
  • Let us organize the best tour for your team!
    Think of us not as a travel agent, think of us as a HOCKEY CONCIERGE. We will be with your team from the moment that we start planning your trip. Find out more about our services!
  • We provide coaches and hockey courses!
    Our coaching staff is ready to assist your team and coach you. We even provide coaching courses with some of the most important players and coaches in Argentina. Take a look at our coaching staff...

What we offer

A Hockey Tour is part of A Hockey World (www.ahockeyworld.net), so you know we love hockey! One of our passions is to bring the hockey world together; therefore we will offer the tour of your dreams for your team (Contact us for more information!).

Think of us not as a travel agent, think of us as a HOCKEY CONCIERGE. We will be with your team from the moment that we start planning your trip. Once the logistic part of a trip (where to stay, meals, insurance, etc.) is arranged, we will get into what we love the most: The HOCKEY part.

Our pre-tour conversations will be all about how many training sessions per day, what objectives do you want to cover, if you want a top star to be part of the training sessions and more. We will provide balls, cones and any other training gear that can be required.

Tour Logistics

Full tour plan and concierge service

Where to stay

We host teams at Club San Fernando’s hotel. This includes access to the two hockey pitches (water based and sand based). Access to the gym and swimming pool can be requested. Meals can be arranged with the club’s restaurants according to your wishes.

Being coached by hockey stars

Argentina has many hockey stars and we can arrange a training session conducted by them for your team! If you want to have a specific training session with one of our national coaches, we can also offer it and so on!

Training sessions and practice matches

We will arrange and coordinate the training sessions (quantity and objectives) as well as the practice games (according to your team’s level). A regular “hockey day” includes: morning and afternoon training sessions (2 hours each) + 1 game during the evening.

What else to do

Argentina has a lot to offer! Do you want to learn how to dance tango? Do you want to go to watch soccer? How about eating a nice asado at a farm house? Just let us know what you want to do with your “free” time and we will get it organized.


Old Ivy Club (Uruguay) to Argentina
San Silvestre Sport (Perú) to Argentina
San Silvestre School (Peru) to Argentina
Combermere School (Barbados) to Argentina
East Coast Field Hockey (USA) to Barbados

Coaching Staff

Pablo Mendoza (Owner and founder of A Hockey World)

Pablo Mendoza is the business director of A Hockey Tour and has coached all around the world. He will be part of your tour and will be conducting training sessions and matches.

Lucas Rey (Midfielder of the – Olympic Gold Medalist, Rio 2016)

Lucas Rey is an Olympic gold Medalist and a very experienced coach. He is part of our coaching staff and will participate of your training sessions.

FIH Master Coach Rodolfo Mendoza (Coaching Director)

Rodolfo Mendoza has coached the Argentinean National Team during the Olympic Games of Atlanta ’96 and has conducted more than 100 coaching courses for the FIH and PAHF.

Ignacio Ledesma (GK Coach of the Argentina National Team)

Ignacio Ledesma is the best goalkeeping coach in Argentina and has coached the goalkeepers that won the Olympic Gold in Rio 2016. He will be the coach in charge of training the goalies of your team.

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